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Too valueable to throw away. ;o)

(18-11-2002) NEWS

Our singer Catherine Klier left our band because of her duties as mother of a little doughter. Cathi joined the young Band in autumn 1996, it was a very amazing and creative time and as you shurely can imagine we all had a lot of fun playing live and doing CDs with her.

We recorded our last shared concert, played on the 9th of November. It will be available as 'official' Bootleg in a limited edition at the end of the year. When exactly will be anounced on this page.

(30-09-2002) GALLERY UPDATED

New live lictures taken the last months.

(23-09-2002) PICTURES OF US

You can find some pictures of us on the homepage of the Nörrkult Festival.

(22-09-2002) NEW TREASURE MP3

We've written a sweet little instrumental, perhaps you'll like it, too. It was recorded for a soundtrack of a hunsrücker (region, where we come from) filmlet.

(24-08-2002) LIVE GIG

The CIRCUS MAXIMUS show has been defered to the 18.4.2003.

(17-08-2002) NEW LIVE TREASURE MP3

(25-06-2002) LIVE GIGS

After a few months of not playing live, we will be back on stage soon. These are the dates.

(05-19-2002) HOMEPAGE UPDATE

Beside new pictures and a new live date we got a Quicktime Video of our Song Wake up, recorded live last autumn, for you to download. You need Apple's Quicktime 5 player to play it, unfortunatly this player's not yet available for free Operation Systems. We'd offer another video format, as soon as possible.

BTW, our new Album is available at and record shops here in germany.

(05-06-2002) BAND OF THE MONTH

Were Band of the month on the LAG Rock & Pop Page.

(04-27-2002) NEWS

Our fourth full length CD is finished! :o) You can listen to some of the new Songs on our discography page. If you want to order it, contact me. In near future it will also be available on Amazon.

There are 15 Tracks on this Album, three of them Liverecordings (Winter's child, Summertime und Who killed the angel?) and 12 brand new studio tracks. So buy it, download it, whatever ...

(04-27-2002) BAND OF THE MONTH

We're band of the month on the german drummers page

(03-27-2002) NEW TREASURE MP3

(02-26-2002) WORK IN PROGRESS

As I promised, you now have the possibility to download some samples of our songs, which will appear on on our new CD. Hope you like them!

(02-14-2002) LIVE DATE ADDED

(01-25-2002) NEW TREASURE MP3'S

Perhaps you'd like to download some of those live recordings. You should do that, because they're pretty cool.


Here's our drummers email address, for those who wonder:

(01-19-2002) NEWS

We've just finished the recordings for our new album. When the mixing of the first few songs is done, I'll upload some samples.

(01-19-2002) LIVE DATE ADDED

(12-13-2001) ANNOUNCEMENT

Our new full length CD will be released in spring 2002. The recordings will begin in late december. Like we did the last time, one or two previews of the new songs will be downloadable from this site. So be shure to return here now and then for updates.

(12-05-2001) LINKS UPDATED



Our songs are available in the new Ogg Vorbis format. Ogg Vorbis is a patent free alternative to the well known mp3 format, which is supported by most Operation Systems.

(10-22-2001) LIVE DATE ADDED

We play another gig on 11-24-2001 in Pirmasens at the Quasimoto (Tel.: +49 6331 73793).

(09-25-2001) LINK ADDED


I've added some Samplers and Klaus Solorecording to the list.

(08-15-2001) LIVE DATE ADDED

(08-11-2001) LIVE DATES ADDED


(07-12-2001) ANNOUNCEMENT

Klaus Michel's first Soloalbum called 'Sketches' will be released on 08-01-2001. The guitarplayer of Tunes for the takin' presents 20 experimental Tracks, some of them instrumental.

Most of the Album was recorded in Keidelheim by Klaus and Pablo, mixed and mastered by Peter Duemmler at Merlinsound. About 7 guest musicians have contributed to the work.

If you want to preorder a copy of the CD, please send an email to Klaus.



Klaus found some old 8 track recordings in some dark corners of his office. We recorded them in early '98 in our rehearsal room. Three of them were mixed in the studio today and one song will be uploaded on our treasure page every month. The first song is called Ikarus.

(05-16-2001) MOVING

Our homepage is moving to another server. It will remain accessible under, so this information may only be interesting, if you're experiencing any problems. Please send me an email if this is the case. Thanks!


A new mp3 is uploaded on our Treasure MP3 Page (whatever that means *g*). At least it means that you can get it right now, but if you prefer a CD, your desire possibly will be satisfied with the 'Roll over Germany' Sampler, which should be released this Summer. It will be available in Germany only, but if you're interested drop me (Pablo) a line and I'll figure out how to manage.

MP3s of our latest CD 'Unknown' you find here!

(04-20-2001) NEWS

The Marburg gig is cancelled.

(04-14-2001) NEWS

We've been in the studio once again and finished the recording of a new song, which will be released on a sampler. The exact date is not known yet. We'll keep you informed on this site or on our mailinglist. I plan to put it on our HP for you to download, too.

(03-21-2001) GALLERY UPDATED

(02-17-2001) NEW MP3's ADDED

(02-12-2001) LIVE DATES ADDED


(01-27-2001) LINKS ADDED

(01-27-2001) LIVE DATE ADDED

(01-06-2001) OUR NEW CD

People told me that it's hard to believe that we've just released a new CD, because it's so hard to find on our Homepage. I hope it's a little easier now ...

If you want a copy please ask me. If you want to download some MP3's first, klick on the image above !

(01-03-2001) MP3 DOWNLOADS

Our MP3's can be found on our discography page !

From now on our MP3's are not longer available on The main reason is that they want you to give your complete home address if you want to download any offered song and want you to allow that this information may be passed to others. That's not the way we wan't to distribute our music, so we decided not to use this service any more.


If you don't like, please go to to download our new songs as MP3's.

(12-22-2000) NEWS

Our new CD is finished !! You can listen to some new songs of it on If you like to order a copy send me me a notice.

(12-22-2000) LIVE DATE ADDED




New Samples of our new recordings

(11-06-2000) NEWS

Pablo (that's me) has won the Deutschen Rock und Pop-Preis in the category 'Best bassplayer'. What can I say? The jury must have had a sense for minimalism. ;o)


If you're interested in listening to some of the new songs we've just finished, you're invited to visit the new work in progress page and download a few samples as MP3s.

(09-14-2000) NEWS

Takentunes is the name of our own mailinglist. The main purpose is to announce some live shows and CD releases. The second purpose is to chat with friends about music. I'll update this HP in the next weeks to make access to the ML more easy. If you're curious visit FreeLists.

(09-05-2000) NEW PICTURES

(08-21-2000) LIVE DATES ADDED

(08-16-2000) LIVE DATE ADDED

We will play on Saturday the 19th in St. Vith in Belgium with HIM and Clawfinger at the Alive-Festival.


(08-01-2000) LIVE DATES ADDED

(07-27-2000) NEWS

How about voting for us? Please go to Newtalents. Select your Bewertung (rating) from the menue. Thanks a lot!

(07-27-2000) LINKS ADDED

(07-22-2000) NEWS

It's all so quiet, it's all so still... Summertime seems to cut a big hole in whatever people call the internet, but that's not a reason to stop writing songs and record CD's, right? If things go well, a new record can be expected around 2000/01.


(06-23-2000) NEW LAYOUT

As you may have recognised, I've changed the Layout of our Homepage. The old one had to go and a new noframes version has taken it's place. I hope this page can be viewed better with various exotic browsers than before. If you think there could be any improvements or you find any mistakes, please let me know! Enjoy this page and our music! :o)

(06-23-2000) NEWS

The CD "The unbreakable Chain" is available now on the Poetic Wax Homepage!

(06-20-2000) NEWS

Good news from Poetic Wax (Lanois-Tribute CD with our contribution "For the beauty of Wynona"): "CD Release Date for THE UNBREAKABLE CHAIN: THIS WEEK! JUNE 23, 2000 !" Check this page to be informed!

(06-19-2000) NEWS

There's another short article about us in the german magazine Gitarre&Bass. :o)

(06-19-2000) LINKS ADDED

(06-02-2000) NEWS

Were back in the studio right now to record a few songs for a new CD ...

(06-02-2000) LIVE DATES ADDED

Some dates have been added at short notice.

(05-22-2000) NEWS

The release of the Daniel Lanois Tribute CD has been delayed.



(04-29-2000) LIVE DATE ADDED

(04-25-2000) NEWS

According to Poetic Wax Records, the Daniel Lanois Tribute CD will be released on 05-15-2000 in the US!

(04-25-2000) COMMENT

Hi, someone asked me why this page is in english. I know it's pretty unusual and irritating for a '.de' domain, so I decided to put up (at least) some pages in german. A german news and biography page (the 2nd will be a different, much longer text) have been added and no, I will _not_ translate the lyrics to german ;o).

Just in case you're wondering why I haven't done this before; the main reason is that I was to lazy, the 2nd reason is (you might have guessed it already) that we wan't to become International Superstars. Yeah, that's right ;o)))

(04-05-2000) NEWS

GET OUR NEW EP RIGHT NOW!!. We will present it live in Bretzenheim on the 04-29-2000!!

(03-29-2000) LIVE DATE ADDED

(03-20-2000) NEWS

Our new EP is finished and it will be available around the 04-20-2000. It's called `Welcome' and contains 5 tracks. Check out our updated discography and the lyrics-page for more information. The best way to get it is contacting me (Pablo). So don't be shy, we'll have enough of them, you're doing no wrong :o).

(03-20-2000) NEWS

Our version of Daniel Lanois' `For the beauty of Wynona' will be on the Tribute-Album called `The unbreakable chain' which will be released on `Poetic Wax-Records' in the US. We will keep you informed when and how you can get a copy.



(03-06-2000) LIVE DATE ADDED

(03-03-2000) LYRICS ADDED


(02-12-2000) NEWS

O.k. it's time to reveal a little secret. One of the three tribute albums we'd contributed to, is dedicated to Ron Sexsmith (check out our gallery for a snapshot). It was meant as a birthday present to Ron, and if you're really quick, you may ask for it on the RonSexsmith mailinglist at or contact us, if you're not brave enough, to do it on your own ;o). The CD contains about 76 minutes of great music, half of the songs are Ron Sexsmith songs and the other half are compositions of the contributing artists. Try to get a copy, it's definatly worth it!


(02-01-2000) CONTACT UPDATED

(01-25-2000) LIVE DATE UPDATED

(01-06-2000) NEWS

Finally we made it (who would have guessed?) into the year 2000! Happy new year! I'd like to tell you that we've finished the recording of our contribution to the DL-Tribute project, For the beauty of Wynona and another song, which will be uploaded on as soon as it is mixed!

(01-06-2000) NEWS

As you can see, we've moved to another host (entire systems) and got our own domain (yes!). Please update your links and bookmarks!

(12-17-1999) LINKS ADDED

(12-17-1999) NEWS

We're involved in some other tribute-CD projects, one of them is a Daniel Lanois-Tribute. If you're interested in that visit the Daniel Lanois TributeCD-page.

(12-17-1999) NEWS

The third song of our last EP is made available at

(12-17-1999) NEWS

In case you're wondering what happened to the Lisa Germano-Tribute-CD, AFAIK all contributions are finished and sent to the person in charge of doing the compilation. We'll keep you informed about how things are going!

(12-13-1999) LIVE DATE UPDATED


We won't play in the 'Mbox' in Kaisersesch on the 12-26-1999 :o(


(10-31-1999) LYRICS ADDED

(10-30-1999) NEWS

The date in the 'Ambiente', 12-11-1999, Bad Kreuznach we're going to play a *calm* set. This means that the songs would sound slighty different from what they normally do. It was great fun to turn them upside down. Expect the unexpected. BTW we'll play TAR from RS ... hehe ...

(10-30-1999) NEWS

We had some problems with our counter on the Index-Page and with our Guest-book, but I hope it is fixed now. And don't believe everything you read!!


(09-08-1999) GALLERY UPDATED

(09-07-1999) NEW PICS ADDED

The new band fotos are taken by Daniel Albrecht, more of them can be seen pretty soon in our gallery...

(09-03-1999) NEWS

We have finished our new EP. It contains 3 tracks, two of them can be heard on


(08-31-1999) GUESTBOOK ADDED

(08-31-1999) NEWS

We've finished the recording of our contribution to the Sycophant Fan Tribute CD to Lisa Germano, who seems to have quit more or less surprisingly the business. Our contribution is a remake of her song 'Tomorrowing' from her album 'Slide'. We'll keep you informed about what's happening with this tribute and if, how and when it will be made available, so check this page regularily or join Sycophant, a Lisa Germano mailing list!!!

(08-30-1999) LINKS ADDED


(08-28-1999) GALLERY UPDATED

(08-24-1999) NEWS

In August a new EP has beenrecorded for mainly promotional purposes. It definatly can be heard on, when we've finished the recording. We've planned to release it later this year on CD, too. So check this page now and then to stay informed and if you have any questions feel free to ask. 

Pablo Lachmann

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